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What we do

We help vulnerable and isolated children and young people across Harborough District in South Leicestershire, in the context of their families and communities. We do this by providing play and youth work activity sessions, clubs, and projects in villages and towns across this large rural area, using "The Chill Out Bus" mobile project vehicle or community venues.

We are a locally based, locally focused children and young people's activities charity, and were created in 2012 by a partnership of local people and professionals who highlighted gaps in provision and services for local children and young people.

We support around 250 to 300 different children and young people each year with the main focus being to help them to improve their health & well-being (both physical and mental/emotional), improve their relationships (with peers and adults), increase their pride (in themselves, their identity, and their communities), and improve their skills & knowledge for life and/or vocations.

Volunteers can attend play and youth work sessions with sessional staff, serve on the Trustee Board, or engage in fundraising activities on our behalf.

Can you help?

We are a registered charity, and rely on charitable grants and donations to fund our work, and the skills and support of local people.

To help support the charity you can:

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Happy Kids Huddle
Girl Blowing Bubbles
Kids Drawing

"The friendships and bonds that have grown during our time here are beyond amazing. Even though it's only an hour, it really becomes some of the best days."

"I enjoyed all the things we did, especially the smoothies"

"The creative activities help me, for example the stress balls help me feel less stressed. It's helped me interact with people I wouldn't normally meet, and I have come out of my shell."

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